Benefits and Features

Start making money in your restaurant like the chains… NOW!

Get Your Food Cost Under Control

Food prices go up every invoice! Take back control of your rising food costs with our suite of easy-to-use food systems. An average restaurant sees a 2–3% drop in food cost in the first 30–60 days.

Build a Management Team that Gets Results

End your frustrations thinking your managers are idiots because all they do is babysit the restaurant. With our expert systems and software training, your managers will know what their job is, how to do it, how well it should be done and by when. Heck, they will start making you money.

Stop Getting Bled Dry at the Time Clock

With minimum wage rising all over the country – up to $15/hr in some states – a restaurant’s labor cost can get out of control quickly. With our software’s proprietary labor allotment system, your managers will schedule the next week on budget and every week after!

Bust Industry Averages and Make 15–20% Profit in Your Restaurant

The average restaurant makes 5-8% profit. Who wants to be average? Using our software, a typical Member reaches a 15-20% profit in their restaurant, without cutting product quality, cutting service levels or going against their core values.

Know If Your Current Menu Is Making You Money

Stop guessing if your menu is working for you or against you. Stop guessing where your menu should be priced. Make your menu a profit-generating machine using our software’s menu profit generator.

  • Robust recipe costing card system
  • Powerful menu engineering tools
  • Easily upload invoices to automatically update recipe costing cards keeping them up to date
menu costing software

Calculate Your Cost of Goods Sold in Literally Minutes Every Week

Taking inventory and calculating your food cost and beverage costs takes most restaurant 3-4 hours. With our shelf-to-sheet inventory system, a restaurant doing $5 million in sales completes it in less than 1 hour.

  • Take inventory in less than one hour using a laptop, tablet or even your phone, with our FREE mobile app
  • Know where your inventory mistakes are so you can fix them with one simple report
  • Know your food cost seconds after you enter your ending inventory when you keep up with your daily paperwork in less than 15 mins per day

Control Your Labor Cost Before The Week Even Starts

Using one of the most powerful labor systems ever developed, with a few clicks of your mouse, you will be able to tell your managers not only how much money they can spend on next week’s schedule, but how many hours they have to schedule by position.

  • Use our reliable online scheduling system with FREE mobile scheduling app
  • Delegate scheduling to managers with confidence and trust they won’t break the bank by over scheduling with one simple report
  • Adjust your schedules as if you had a crystal ball to see the future and see your labor efficiency by day of the week

Elevate Your Ordering Systems to a Duplicatable & Trainable System that Anyone Can Use

Most restaurants have only one person who can place orders because they cannot trust anyone else to do it correctly. With our full featured ordering system, if you can teach someone to count, you can teach them to order exactly what you need, on budget.

  • Creating orders using the automatic par level system takes guess work out of the ordering process
  • With sales rep ordering notifications, your orders won’t get lost
  • Quickly upload your invoice history into the software as easily as it is to upload a photo on to your social media
  • When your vendor doesn’t have digital invoicing, simply scan your invoices with your phone, email it to us and then simply upload it into the software the next morning

Improve Team Member Accountability with the Online Checklist System

Are you tired of wondering if your managers and team members actually followed your checklists? With our 100% customizable online checklist system, you will not only be notified if things were complete, but when and by whom.

  • Create an unlimited number of checklists
  • Have them assigned to your team automatically when they are scheduled to work
  • Enjoy peace of mind and convenience of completing checklist and/or seeing things are getting done with our FREE mobile app

“Since becoming a member there has been a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in net profit per year. If you’re satisfied with losing money, then stay status quo. But if you don’t know where all of your money is going and you don’t have the net profits you think you should have, if you don’t have your recipes costed, if your labor costs are out of control, then you need to work with”

Sandy Korem – The Festive Kitchen

More Features

  • Automated accurate sales forecasting
  • Entering your daily sales report nightly ties all of your systems together
  • 100% customizable online manager log and email notifications
  • Centralized employee information, files and log
  • Group products simplifying your ordering, inventory and recipe costing systems
  • Export PMIX from any POS and import into the software to know your ideal food cost in seconds
  • Control theft and correct waste with two simple systems
  • Customizable import tools
  • FREE unlimited training support via phone, chat and email
  • FREE monthly webinar trainings
  • FREE live software classes 10 times a year
  • FREE live systems trainings 4 times a year
  • FREE employee training systems


Current FREE Integrations

  • QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise

Point of Sale Systems

  • POSitouch
  • Focus POS Systems
  • MobleBytes

Integration Under Development

  • Xero Accounting Software
  • Reserve Interactive Catering Software

Point of Sale Systems Under Development

  • Heartland Dinerware
  • Matre’D Point of Sale Systems
  • Brink POS
  • Toast

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Start making money in your restaurant like the chains… NOW!